Partials Dentures & Full  Dentures in Randolph, MA

Dentures and partial dentures are removable appliances that replace missing teeth. Unlike bridges and implants that are permanently fixed, dentures are attached to a supporting structure. Therefore, traditional dentures can be taken out for cleaning, sleeping, or whenever desired. At Randolph Dental Group, we determine the best material for dentures or partials with biocompatibility testing. As a result, most patients prefer non-metal prosthetics.

Full Dentures in Randolph, MA

Full or complete dentures are for patients missing all their upper or lower teeth, or both. Full dentures in Randolph, MA fill in your smile, restore confidence, and improve mouth function. Conventional dentures are custom-crafted after tooth extraction, usually within 3 to 4 weeks. The bones and gums must be allowed to heal after all teeth are removed. On the contrary, an immediate denture can be placed the same day as tooth removal. As a result, the patient will not have to go without teeth. However, since the healing phase will change the fit of immediate dentures, patients will need a new set of teeth in about six months.

Partial Dentures in Randolph, MA

A partial denture is an option for patients who still have one or more existing teeth. If you don’t want or are not a candidate for implants or a bridge, a removable partial is an effective solution. Partials are supported by natural teeth and a gum-like base made of nylon or plastic.

For Randolph Dental Group patients who want a more secure alternative to traditional dentures, we offer both bridges and implants. Dental implants are like dentures, in that they replace missing teeth. While there is no substitute for healthy, natural teeth, dental implant restorations come very close. Call the dentist in Randolph, MA today to discuss our tooth replacement solutions.

Denture Fitting at Randolph Dental Group

The most stable dentures coordinate the positioning of the prosthetic teeth with jaw positions. For that purpose, our Randolph, MA dentist has mastered the technique of fitting dentures. Your dentist in Randolph, MA will help you decide which type of tooth replacement is best for your case. Give us a call today.

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