Oral Surgery in Randolph, MA

Though it may sound slightly intimidating, oral surgery in Randolph, MA, is typically routine and straightforward. Most oral surgical procedures are performed to help patients achieve and maintain oral health and wellness. This may include surgery to extract teeth that are problematic or surgery to restore health to teeth in order to protect them from loss or dental extraction. No matter the reason for your oral surgery, our entire team is dedicated to your safety, comfort, and recovery throughout the entire process.

Examples of Oral Surgery

There are many types of oral surgery, including extraction of impacted wisdom teeth. This procedure prevents complications from developing as a result of these molars. Another example of oral surgery is root canal therapy. This procedure is designed to restore an infected tooth to health by cleaning it at the root level and thereby preventing tooth loss or the need for extraction. Oral surgical procedures are beneficial to patients both in the short and long term.

Recovery from Oral Surgery

Our oral surgeon in Randolph, MA, and our entire professional staff are dedicated to your recovery from oral surgery. In most cases, this includes limiting physical exertion for a couple of days after the procedure. Patients should take care to eat only soft foods at room temperature and take any medication as directed. It’s essential to avoid behaviors that may disturb healing at the surgical site.

Therefore, patients are advised against drinking from a straw, probing the area, and vigorous brushing and flossing. Alcohol and tobacco consumption, smoking or chewing, should be avoided as per instructions.

Patients should report any signs of oral health complications to our office immediately, including excessive bleeding or swelling. These symptoms may indicate that emergency treatment is required.

Our oral surgery specialists in Randolph, MA, will ensure that you have proper instructions and information for the process before, during, and after your procedure. This includes any preparation that patients should do ahead of time and guidance for healing. For more information about oral surgical procedures, contact our office. We look forward to helping you achieve and maintain your oral health and wellness.

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