Preventive Care

Complete Oral Exams

We understand and respect the correlation between a patient’s oral health and their overall health and wellness. As such, we provide an inclusive and comprehensive screening procedure that allows us to better understand our patient’s past and present health history. By better understanding your dental and general health history, our dentists can better provide you with comprehensive and comfortable treatment. As a new patient, our dentists will take the time to understand your genetic, oral, and overall health history to ensure that you are receiving the most comprehensive care possible. Our screening procedure includes Blood pressure screening, Oral Cancer screening, Occlusal screening, sleep apnea screening, a restorative examination, and periodontal screening. Prioritize your oral and overall health by scheduling an appointment with one of our Randolph dentists today!

Dental Cleanings

Randolph Dental Group provides dental cleaning treatment that not only cares for your oral health, but also ensures that your overall health and wellness are being cared for. Through the deep cleaning (Scaling and Root Planning) treatment offered by our Randolph dentists, your oral health will be a priority, particularly ensuring your mouth is healthy from your teeth to the gum line. By following a pocket-depth focus in cleaning treatments, our dentists in Randolph can help you in making sure your smile is reflective of your oral hygiene and health! With Randolph Dental Group’s focus on prioritizing your oral health, the exceptional preventive care you will receive will help protect against gum diseases, such as Periodontitis. Make sure you whole mouth is healthy and well cared for by scheduling an appointment for a cleaning with one of our Randolph dentists today!

Low Radiation Dental X-Rays

In order to provide you with the best dental care possible, our comprehensive dentists utilize low radiation dental x-rays in your treatment and evaluations. By taking advantage of such advanced technology, not only can our dentists optimize their diagnosis of your oral health, but you can also have peace of mind during your appointment. Your oral health is just as important as the rest of your overall health and well being. Our Randolph, MA dentists truly embody that belief by utilizing the latest and most comprehensive technology to help you maintain and restore your oral health while keeping your overall health in mind. With this technology, the X-Ray results also appear faster than standard X-Ray machines, making your appointment more convenient and flexible for your busy lifestyle. Schedule an appointment at Randolph Dental Group today to prioritize your oral health and have peace of mind knowing that you are receiving the most comprehensive care available!

Non-Surgical Gum Disease Therapy

Do you have pain or discomfort at your gums that is making it difficult to chew or swallow? Do you find yourself very aware of you gum pain? Is your day to day life inhibited by bleeding gums or gum pain? If so, our Randolph Dentists can offer non-surgical gum disease therapy to help alleviate the pain and restore your oral health to normal. Gum disease is a serious health issue that many people overlook as they toss it up to over flossing or anything else. At Randolph Dental Group we urge our patients to take gum health, as well as their oral health as a whole, seriously. If you notice symptoms like gum pain or bleeding, you should mention it to our Randolph dentist because it could be a sign of Periodontitis or other gum diseases. Our dentists in Randolph can provide you with non-surgical gum disease therapy through deep cleanings that focus on deep-pocket health which cannot be reached during standard treatment. Being aware of your gums and general oral health can help you stay on top of your overall health and prevent further infection or damage to your teeth and gums. Schedule an appointment with one of our Randolph dentists to discuss your options for non-surgical gum disease therapy.