Specialty Care

Periodontal Treatment

Oftentimes, patients forget the importance of caring for the entirety of their mouth when they think of oral health. Periodontitis is a serious gum disease that impacts 47.2% of adults over 50 years old and 1 in every 2 adults over 30 years old. If you are experiencing bleeding of the gums, persistent gum pain, or bone loss in the jaw, speak with one of our Randolph dentists today as those are signs of Periodontitis. Our Randolph dentists genuinely believe your oral health is all about you. When assessing your gums, our Randolph Periodontist will examine the number of teeth and gums that are showing signs of Periodontitis. If four or more gums are exhibiting those symptoms, they will move forward with the treatment. Periodontal Disease is an active infection which can be treated by an antibiotic. Treatment of Periodontitis involves the application of the antibiotic into the sight of Periodontal disease. The antibiotic will be locally applied same day at the appointment when it is diagnosed. This slow releasing antibiotic stays in the system for 10-14 days. You will then return to the Randolph office after 4-6 weeks to re-evaluate your gum health and to ensure that the antibiotic worked properly in treating the Periodontitis. Many patients do not realize that your oral health is directly related to their overall health, and by doing so, they put themselves at risk for serious oral diseases, such as Periodontal Disease. Our Randolph dental team ensures that our patients receive wholesome oral care that encompasses all parts of the mouth including gums and teeth. Contact our office today to discuss your treatment options and overall oral health with our Periodontist.


Our Prosthodontists in Randolph work to provide you with treatment plans for restoring missing teeth and other parts of the jaw. The prosthodontics team in Randolph is highly qualified and trained in offering their patients state of the art treatment options for restorations and replacements. Our prosthodontist has received training from Boston University and is a Board Certified Prosthodontist. When you lose teeth, whether it be from an accident or natural decay, it can be uncomfortable--both physically and emotionally. Feeling the need to hide your smile or being in physical pain or discomfort when you move your jaw or bite down on your teeth should not be a part of your everyday life. You can return to smiling with confidence and eating food without the constant pain caused by your damaged or missing teeth. After meeting with our Prosthodontist, you will see that you have so many reasons to smile. You deserve to live your life the way you want, and missing or damaged teeth should not get in the way of that. A healthier, fuller smile can be an option for many patients at Randolph Dental Group. Schedule an appointment with our Randolph Prosthodontics team to discuss your treatment options.


At Randolph Dentist Group, our orthodontic team focuses on helping you improve the health and beauty of your smile with traditional orthodontics. While our office has certified Invisalign providers for clear braces, traditional orthodontics are definitely a reliable and cost-effective option for patients. Whether it be that your teeth are misaligned or you have large gaps in your teeth, traditional orthodontics can most definitely be an option for you. Every person should feel comfortable and confident with their smile, and when crooked or missing teeth get in that way, it can be very frustrating. Orthodontia has evolved in so many ways over the years, and our Orthodontics specialist is prepared to work with adults and children on improving their smile so that they can return to living their life as they choose. If you find that your teeth are noticeably crooked or misaligned, or a dentist in the past has mentioned an improper bite to you, our Orthodontist is here to help you through that process. Our orthodontist specializes in treating patients with alignment issues, overbites, underbites, gaps, jaw alignment, and other dental irregularities. He will discuss your options with you and speak with you to best understand your personal lifestyle choices and how you feel about your teeth. He will then work with you to customize your treatment with respect to your opinions and your lifestyle. Contact our office in Randolph, MA today to speak with an orthodontic specialist about whether traditional braces are the treatment you’ve been looking for to straighten your smile, improve your oral health, and gain more confidence!

Root Canal Treatment

With our spacious, and comfortable dental office in Randolph, MA, root canal treatment does not have to be the scary treatment many patients expect it to be. If you are experiencing severe tooth pain when eating, high sensitivity to hot or cold, darkening of your teeth, or tenderness and swelling of the gums near your tooth, a root canal can treat these symptoms. Pain and discomfort, particularly to those degrees is not normal, and should be addressed by a dentist. A root canal treatments are often needed when there is decay of the tooth, the tooth is damaged to the point of decay, or there is disease in the tooth which has caused trauma. Our Randolph dentist provides root canal treatments for patients whose teeth are severely decayed or infected and require attention. Our general dentists want to help you alleviate your pain and return to living your life as you were prior to the pain onset. After your root canal treatment, maintaining a healthy oral care routine will be important. You can speak to your dentist about suggestions for improving your health care regimen and how to avoid future Root Canals. Avoiding certain foods or being tenatavie around your jaw movement is not something that you should ignore. Speak to one of our Randolph dentists about your pain and your possible treatment options. Randolph Dental Group works to provide you with comfortable and convenient care during your root canal treatment. To protect your oral health and improve your overall health as well, contact our office today to discuss your options for a root canal treatment.

Emergency Dental Care

Have you ever broken a tooth and been in a frantic panic about when you would get it fixed? At Randolph Dental Group, our dentists understand that you have a busy schedule, but that you also care about your oral health. If you find that you have fractured, broken, or damaged teeth, Randolph Dental Group offers treatment options to service such emergencies. Our dental team understands that you lead active and busy lives, and they work to provide you with comfortable and convenient treatment options that fit your schedule. Chipped or broken teeth are a common occurrence, and our team of skilled and dedicated dentists work to ensure that you do not have to hide your smile. A broken or chipped tooth can be a great inconvenience in your everyday life, particularly in a work or school environment. However, our Randolph dentists can help you restore your smile with emergency dental care so you do not have to wait months to smile naturally again. A broken or fractured tooth can also pose a risk to the safety of the rest of your mouth, and it can also become susceptible to further damage or infection. Our dentists want to work with you to maintain your exciting and busy lives, and they work with your schedule to make sure you are receiving the care you need as soon as possible. A broken or fractured teeth does not have to inhibit your healthy smile and overall health. Smiling truly has an impact on your mental and overall well being. Do not let an instance of a fractured or broken tooth stand in the way of your overall health. Contact our office today to speak with one of our dental team members about our emergency dental care options.