Appliance Therapy in Randolph, MA

As a team of multi-specialty dentists near you, our compassionate and caring doctors and specialists know that preserving your smile’s health, beauty, and functionality is a priority. Whether that protection is needed during impact-related sports with the help of a sports guard or during your sleep with the help of a nightguard or snore guard, you’ll find a full-suite of appliance therapy near you at Randolph Dental Group.

Sports Guards for Optimum Protection

Sports guards are an integral component of preventive dentistry and play a crucial role during sports that involve contact, flying equipment, or falls. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or your child is playing for their local soccer team, we recommend investing in a well-fitting, comfortable, and protective custom sports guard. Although there are over-the-counter guards available, there is no substitute for the superior comfort and protection that can be yours when choosing appliance therapy from Randolph Dental Group.

Night Guards and Sleep Guards for Improved Health

Snoring and teeth grinding are two other conditions that our team of dentists can treat with appliance therapy near you.

Snoring is a prevalent condition that affects millions of people across the world. When it is severe and persistent, snoring causes sleep disturbance and fatigue to not only the sufferer but the person who has to share a room with them. A snore guard is a non-invasive and comfortable solution to the problem of snoring. Occasional snoring isn’t usually serious enough to warrant professional attention. However, if you snore persistently and begin to experience excessive fatigue, gasping for air at night, morning headaches, and difficulty concentrating, then you’re a candidate for appliance therapy near you.

Similarly, individuals who clench their teeth while sleeping are likely to suffer from severe wear and tear of the teeth, dull headaches, jaw soreness, facial pain, fatigue, and eventual tooth loss. Medically referred to as bruxism, teeth grinding is a common condition affecting millions of people, but it is also a condition that can be treated with appliance therapy from Randolph Dental Group.

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