Dental Exams and Cleanings in Randolph, MA

To maintain good health, people of all ages need to regularly visit their doctor and dentist. These visits fall under what we call prevention. At Randolph Dental Group in Randolph, MA, our goal during these visits is to catch early signs of trouble before they get worse.

It’s like screening for hypertension, diabetes, or breast cancer. Dental problems can be silent for weeks and months before patients start to notice symptoms. At Randolph Dental Group, we always advise our patients on the importance of keeping up with their regular visits despite feeling fine and not having any complaints.

Regular Dental Visite and Dental Check-up

During a regular visit to a dentist or dental check-up, we’ll ask you a few questions about your dental status. If you have any complaints or worries, this would be a great time to express them. Next, we’ll examine your oral cavity. Cavities, decay, and gingivitis are some of the things we look for during dental check-ups.

We’ll also screen for oral cancer. Oral cancer can happen at any age, regardless of gender or race. Those who smoke and drink alcohol are at a higher risk of getting oral cancer than others. We screen for cancer by inspecting then palpating your oral cavity. This is done softly and won’t be uncomfortable. It’ll only take a few minutes.

Teeth Cleanings

The second important component of these visits is to clean your teeth. Cleaning is different from whitening. In whitening, we apply chemicals to your teeth to remove stains. When cleaning your teeth, however, we’ll be aiming to remove plaques and tartar rather than stains.

Plaques and tartar are aggregations of bacteria. When bacteria aggregate, they become more resistant to toothpaste. Unfortunately, patients can’t remove these collections at home. Their removal requires special tools that are only available at the dentist’s office. The better care you take of your teeth throughout the year, the less likely you are to develop these collections.

Regular visits and dental cleanings are for all members of the family. It’s recommended that adults see a dentist at least twice a year if they’re feeling fine and have no complaints. Schedule your appointment today!

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