Emergency Dentistry in Randolph, MA 

Are you reading this page because you have an urgent oral health condition and wonder whether or not it’s something that requires emergency dentistry from our dentist near you? One call to our office can answer a lot of your questions and guide you in the best next steps to take. These may include coming into our office immediately, advice on what to do while waiting to visit our dentist in Randolph, MA, or where to go in the event your condition is something that cannot be treated with emergency dentistry near you.

Most Common Dental Emergencies

The following include some of the most common dental emergencies and some insight on what you can do to treat the condition until you’re able to be seen by our emergency dentist in Randolph, MA.

Has your tooth been knocked out? If so, there’s a good chance it can be replaced by our dentist if you’re able to locate the tooth and bring it into your appointment. If your tooth is dirty, rinse it off and try to reinsert it into the socket or place it in a small container of milk while waiting to see our dentist.

Are you experiencing dental pain? A tooth can begin hurting for any number of reasons including decay, gum disease, a fracture, or an abscess. Although these conditions all require a visit to our dentist for a diagnosis and treatment plan, the only one that might be considered is dental pain accompanied by fever since that’s a sign of a potentially life-threatening tooth abscess.

Do you feel a sharp or sudden pain when you eat or drink hot or cold foods or beverages? That pain can indeed be unsettling, but it’s a sign of a tooth fracture or enamel decay that can wait to be treated. Call our office to schedule the first available appointment for diagnosis and treatment plan to eliminate tooth sensitivity in Randolph, MA.

Do You Want to Avoid Needing Emergency Dentistry?

Although accidents will surely occur, you can take steps now to reduce your need for urgent dental care. One of those steps is to make sure you’ve visited our dentist in Randolph, MA for an exam and cleaning appointment before you require emergency dentistry. This way, any early signs of potentially ill-timed events can be treated to reduce your risk of needing urgent dental care.

Use our convenient online booking tool now to schedule your appointment for a dental exam and cleaning as a way to reduce your risk of sustaining a dental emergency.

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