Non-Surgical Gum Disease Therapy in Randolph, MA

Discomfort or pain in the gums can point towards gum disease. Daily gum pain that makes it difficult to eat and swallow, or daily gum bleeding are signs that your gum disease needs to be treated. Gum disease is a serious issue that needs treatment. One option for treatment is non-surgical gum disease therapy.

These non-surgical therapies that help treat and prevent gum disease remove plaques and calculus. This helps to control the growth of harmful bacteria in the mouth and gums. Additionally, any conditions that encourage the development of gum disease are treated.

If the disease is caught in its earliest stages, non-surgical gum disease therapy may be all that is needed to prevent periodontal disease. However, if you have worn crowns or fillings, you may need to have those replaced in the process too. When crowns or fillings have any overhangs due to normal wear and tear or improper installation, harmful plaque and bacteria will grow on them. These will need to be fixed before the regular therapy can begin.


The full process will involve scaling and root planing, antibiotics, and occlusal adjustment. Scaling cleans the plaque off of your teeth. Root planing smooths the root of the tooth so the connective tissue may attach more securely. Antibiotic powders and mouth rinses can help kill unwanted bacteria. An occlusal adjustment will adjust your bite and help affected teeth be less prone to plaque growth.

Randolph Dental Group provides non-surgical gum disease therapy in Randolph. If you are looking for a dentist near you to treat your gum pain, then you should consider Randolph Dental Group. We will perform dental exams and cleanings for deep-pocket health that are not covered in standard treatments and cleanings. These therapies can help treat and prevent gum diseases such as periodontitis.

If your gums are in pain or are bleeding, you need to find non-surgical gum disease therapy near you. If you need a dentist in Randolph, please visit us or give us a call here at Randolph Dental Group today. Please be sure to inform your dentist or dental assistant that you are experiencing pain and bleeding in the gums so that they know to do an assessment and perform the correct cleaning therapies.

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