Sports Guards in Randolph, MA

Sports guards, also known as mouthguards, are protective devices that are worn in the mouth to cushion teeth against impact and blows during sports. Sports guards are an integral component of preventive dentistry and come in handy during sports that involve contact, flying equipment, and falls. Whether you’re a professional athlete or are playing for your high school soccer team, we recommend investing in a well-fitting and comfortable sports guard.

Contact Randolph Dental Group if you’re looking for a dental practice that provides custom sports guards in Randolph, MA. During your appointment, our dentist will also evaluate your oral health and recommend necessary treatments, if any.

Types of Sports Guards

Sports guards are available in three different kinds: stock mouthguards, boil and bite mouthguards, and custom mouthguards.

Stock Mouthguards

These are available in limited sizes at your local department store, drugstore, or sporting goods store. While they’re inexpensive, they are usually ill-fitting and uncomfortable.

Boil and Bite Mouthguards

Boil and bite sports guards offer some limited room for customization. They’re made of thermoplastic material which softens when put in hot water. In its softer state, you can easily shape the sports guard over your teeth. As such, boil and bite mouthguards provide a better fit than stock mouthguards.

Custom Mouthguards

Custom sports guards are the best type of mouthguards. They’re made from an impression of your teeth and, as such, are well-fitting, extremely comfortable, and offer the best protection.

Caring for Your Sports Guard

Custom sports guards have an average shelf life of three to five years. The actual lifespan is dependent on the level of usage, as well as how well you care for the sports guard. We recommend bringing your mouthguard to our dentist during your regular dental exams, so we can determine if your mouthguard needs to be replaced.

At home, you can care for your mouthguard by cleaning it with mild soap and water or mouth rinse before and after every use. Store your sports guard in a well-aerated container. Before wearing a mouthguard, make sure your teeth are clean. Never share your mouthguard either.

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