Cosmetic Dentistry


Randolph Dental Group’s Certified Invisalign Providers are here to help you get the straighter, healthier smile you’ve been dreaming of! Invisalign treatment straightens your smile without the hassle of brackets and metal braces. Clear aligners allow you to continue living your active lifestyle in a comfortable and convenient manner. The Invisalign custom aligners are removable so you can eat the food you like at your own convenience! A straight, healthy smile is easily accessible with invisible braces and our certified Randolph dentists are ready to help you begin treatment today. When you schedule an appointment with one of our certified Invisalign providers, a straight, more beautiful smile, will be within reach!

Dental Veneers

Are you unhappy with the appearance of your teeth? Do you smile with your mouth closed? Do you hide your smile in family photos and selfies? If so, veneers may be the treatment you’ve been looking for. Our Randolph dentists are prepared to offer you a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing solution with cosmetic dental veneers. Dental veneers are a relatively simple treatment that can give you the smile you’ve always wanted. Veneers can improve your smile if your teeth are stained, discolored, chipped, or unevenly spaced. Dental veneers are a thin, durable material that cover the front visible part of the teeth. Get the Hollywood smile you’ve always wanted by scheduling an appointment today!

White Fillings

Tooth-colored fillings, also known as white fillings or composite resin, are a convenient and easy treatment offered by our experienced Randolph dentists for decayed or chipped teeth. Tooth-colored fillings offer you the ability to maintain a natural appearance while improving your oral health. As traditional silver amalgam fillings need to be replaced, you can feel confident in choosing tooth-colored filling silver fillings that may contain traces of mercury. If you’re experiencing tooth decay, composite fillings are an eco-friendly and non-toxic option. The materials in composite fillings will mimic your natural tooth and allow your smile to shine instead of your dental work. Patients can feel a bit of sensitivity after treatment. Our dentists in Randolph are available after treatment to speak with you about any concerns you may have. When caring for your overall health, ensuring you maintain your oral health with a bright and healthy smile should be a strong priority. Contact our Randolph, MA office today to learn more about the white fillings our dentists offer as cosmetic treatments.

All-Porcelain Dental Crowns

In instances of broken, weak, or damaged teeth, all-porcelain dental crowns are can be a comfortable treatment option that restores and enhances your smile. Eliminating the metal component typically associated with porcelain dental crowns, the all porcelain dental crowns allow for a more natural looking tooth. A dental crown can also be placed as an additional part of another cosmetic treatment. With a more natural looking tooth from an all porcelain dental crown, your overall health will shine through your bright and healthy smile. Contact our office today to talk to one of our qualified dentists about your options for an all porcelain dental crown!

Procera® AllCeram Crowns

Procera® AllCeram Crowns are a strong option for patients with cracked, weakened, decayed, or worn teeth. This treatment option allows patients to avoid the metal of typical ceramic crowns. With the Procera® AllCeram crowns from Randolph Dental Group, there will be no metal getting in the way of your beautiful and healthy smile! Procera® AllCeram Crowns can also be used by our Randolph dentists during dental implant treatments. Schedule an appointment today to learn how you can restore your healthy and beautiful smile without the hassle of metal from typical ceramic crowns!

Complete Smile Makeovers

Smiles are linked to confidence, health, and are one of the first things that people notice about someone. If you don’t feel confident about your smile, or if you don’t feel comfortable with your teeth, we can help in many ways. Whether you’ve experienced dental trauma or need major cosmetic reconstruction, we are here for you! Our team of specialists will work together to assess your conditions, analyze root causes and understand your genetic predispositions and current lifestyles. A beautiful smile, that functions to fit your lifestyle, can go a long way. By combining different cosmetic treatments with dental implant treatments, our dentist in Randolph can get you smiling more confidently so you feel more like yourself! Contact our office today to learn more about our Complete Smile Makeover at Randolph Dental Group!