Dental Implants

Tooth Implant

Among the many dental implant treatments offered by our Randolph dentists, single tooth dental implants can provide you with the opportunity to restore your dental function and the overall health of your mouth. The single dental implant treatment allows you to receive treatment for one tooth, without involving the neighboring teeth. By replacing the tooth root in a single tooth implant, the jaw bone is better preserved, thus helping you continue to care for your oral and overall health. The implant is a small screw that replaces the root-part of the missing tooth. Contact our office today to learn how a single tooth implant can help improve your beautiful smile along with your overall health!

Teeth Implants

For instances of dental implants where more than one tooth needs to be replaced, teeth implants are a convenient treatment option offered by our dentists in Randolph, MA. Not only do multiple teeth implants look and feel like your natural teeth, but they also function like natural teeth, as well. Part of the dental implant is a small screw that replaces the root-part of the missing tooth. With the teeth implant treatment offered at Randolph Dental Group, you can continue to share your confident and healthy smile during your daily activities! Schedule an appointment today with one of our dentists to learn how dental implants can improve your oral and overall health!

All-On-4 / Full Upper or Lower Jaw Replacement

All-on-four dental implant treatment options are offered by our Randolph Prosthodontist and is a safe and convenient option if you’re looking for long term comfort and convenient care. Part of the dental implant is a small screw that replaces the root of your missing tooth. However, while typical dental implants involve a single implant for every missing tooth, the all-on-four jaw replacement allows for your smile to be fully restored with four precise implants placed on the top or bottom part of your jaw. With this comprehensive and convenient treatment option, you can smile confidently knowing your dental health is in good hands at Randolph Dental Group! Your smile will not require major maintenance like dentures.  You’ll be able to eat what you like and care for your dental implants much like you would your natural teeth. For a healthy, comfortable, and long lasting smile, schedule an appointment today. Our prosthodontist in Randolph, MA will work closely with you to help you find out if all-on-four dental implant placement is the right treatment option for you!

Immediate Dental Implants

Randolph Dental Group is a proud provider of dental implants and our prosthodontist also offers treatment for immediate dental implants. This option serves as a portion of the overall dental implant treatment when a tooth is severely decayed or damaged and needs immediate extraction. Our same-day dental implant treatment allows you to prioritize your oral health while also not slowing down for long-term recovery. With this treatment option, your dental implant treatment can be shortened, and your healthier, full, and natural-looking smile can be accomplished with little down time. Contact our Randolph dental office today to learn more about teeth-in-a-day!

Implant Supported Dentures

For patients with missing teeth, there are several options to choose from that can restore your teeth to their natural function with a natural-looking smile.  With enough bone, dental implant supported dentures are a comfortable and convenient treatment option that can help restore your teeth and facial structure. Dental implant-supported dentures are a type of overdenture  supported by, and attached to, dental implants. The difference between an overdenture and typical dentures require you to remove the full denture for cleaning. Our strong prosthodontic team specializes in dental implants and Randolph Dental Group works to provide comfortable and convenient care to patients looking for implant-supported dentures in Randolph, MA. To learn more about how you can improve your overall health and restore your beautiful, healthy smile, contact our specialty dental practice today!